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Ideal Standard International launches comprehensive new range of versatile pre-wall solutions

Ideal Standard International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of private and public bathrooms solutions for over 100 years, has launched ProSys™ – a comprehensive range of pre-wall installation solutions.

ProSys™ provides the complete installation solution for all washroom fixtures – toilets, bidets, basins, urinals and showers – making it ideal for a wide variety of projects. The new range is the perfect match for Ideal Standard’s bathroom collections of ceramics, fittings and flush plates.

Miguel Definti, Group Category Director Non-Residential, Ideal Standard, said: “The system has been developed specifically to meet the needs of installers, building owners and end-users. The pre-wall technology represents the ultimate in flexibility and versatility, with sophisticated features that work seamlessly with fixtures in front of the wall, guaranteeing superb levels of performance.”

ProSys™ was specifically developed to be easy to install. Maintenance has also been made simpler and less costly with easier tool-free access to the ProSys™ cisterns, while the NeoX™ sanitary module is ideal for quick and easy renovations as it doesn’t require any construction modifications.

The WC and non-WC systems come in a variety of depths and heights, providing installation solutions for solid and dry wall applications. They feature advanced capabilities, such as the SmartFlush system which dispenses a cleaning detergent directly into the toilet bowl. The solutions can also be installed with the FreshAir system (available in Q4 2019), a high-power extractor which removes bad smells directly from the toilet utilising the flush pipe.

The systems are compatible with the SmartForce technology. SmartForce uses the power of water in motion to generate enough energy to power a no-touch control plate. It doesn’t require a connection to the electrical grid or the replacement of batteries, saving users time and money.

To further suit differing applications, customers have a choice of actuation systems including pneumatic and electronic conversion kits. The ProSys™ range also covers specialty products like the height adjustable ProSys Comfort™ frame, which can be remotely controlled for people with reduced mobility.

All cisterns come with an Ideal Standard SmartValve, a unique water reducing innovation which can save 0,5l per flush or up to 63 litres of water every week (average calculation for 4 -person family), reducing costs and contributing to overall sustainability.

Miguel Definti, Group Category Director Non-Residential, Ideal Standard said: “The ProSys™ pre-wall system supports Ideal Standard customers in creating better bathrooms, with easy installation, low maintenance and running costs and an enhanced user experience. It is a great example of how we can all work together to shape the future of modern bathrooms.”

For greater reliability, durability and complete peace of mind, all products in Ideal Standard’s range have been built to last, with corrosion resistant frames tested to the highest noise, stability and quality standards. All come with a 10-year warranty and 25 years of spare parts availability.

Ideal Standard’s new pre-wall products are available across Europe as of June 2019.