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  • Designed for living

    Tonic II

    Tonic II’s clean, beautiful lines create calm and serenity allowing you to transport yourself from today’s hectic lifestyle and truly relax.

  • Designed for living

    Tonic II

    Each piece is carefully considered and benefits from innovative features allowing you to transform and making your experience in the bathroom one of peace and tranquillity.

  • Designed for living

    Tonic II

    Tonic II is more than just a beautifully designed range to wow and entice. It’s a range perfectly tailored to make your life easier. Each product is carefully considered to make using your bathroom space all the more enjoyable.

The alliance of form and function

A wide range of sizes and models available allows you to tailor create your perfect bathroom. The very latest technology is built into every product; sensor ambient lighting; ingenious, spacious storage options with soft-close features; water saving technology, brand new rimless WCs and ground-breaking AquaBlade® flush technology: together these unique features help make Tonic II the paramount choice for a designer, contemporary bathroom that delivers against both form and function.The subtle beauty and pure design of the Tonic II range was created by design agency ARTEFAKT who's owners Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl are passionate about crafting bathroom solutions to work for every individual's requirements. The versatility of the range is showcased through various options for large, small and guest bathrooms.

Inspirational design

Whatever products you choose from the stylish Tonic II range, you can be sure of a contemporary, luxurious bathroom with everlasting design. The modern, yet classic styling enables Tonic II to achieve a timeless quality that will continue to look its best for years to come.

Pure clarity

At Ideal Standard, we believe a bathroom serves more of a purpose than quality design alone. Paired with innovation and functionality, a bathroom becomes a complete solution that meets the demands of today’s complicated lifestyle. A bathroom is a haven for those escapism moments, it’s a room of vital importance in your home and it’s a space for transformation and beauty. Tonic II allows you to truly feel at home with subtle, pure lines and a delicately chic colour palette, that works harmoniously in any surrounding.

Innovative technology

We’ve created a brand new innovation within the new Tonic II toilet called AquaBlade®. It features sleek and clean lines that look both stylish and contemporary in any bathroom. Combined with the new AquaBlade® technology, the Tonic II WC sets new standards in both toilet design and optimum flush performance. The exclusively engineered integrated channel generates an incredibly powerful, smooth and homogenous water flow from the top of the bowl. AquaBlade® cleans more of the ceramic surface, even at low water volumes. In traditional box-rim toilets, approximately 20% remains unwashed after flushing. However, AquaBlade® washes 100% of the surface beneath the slot and cleans every part of the WC, including the back. So not only do you save water, the combination of elegant, modern design with easy to clean form and the very best in flushing performance, makes this WC with AquaBlade® the superior choice for you to enjoy a pristine bathroom.

Contoured and considered

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Tonic II presents beautifully proportioned, distinctively contoured, refined ceramics: the luxury pieces come in different sizes. Whatever your space or individual tastes, you’re sure to find a solution from within the Tonic II range.

Designed to order

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Tonic II furniture solutions are excellently thought out and considered, helping to keep a very well organized bathroom. Choose from a range of modular furniture pieces to create the perfect look and functionality for your space.

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Indulge in luxury

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The bath is an absolute necessity for those who want to relax and to indulge in their bathroom environment. Tonic II has beautiful solutions to work with every shape and sized room, from gorgeous free-standing baths that look stunning as a centrepiece, to D-shape and even rectangular options for a more standardized set-up.

Finishing touches

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Tonic II encompasses a range of striking taps and mixers and thermostats allowing you to add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. Packed with innovative technology and other features they are the perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom.

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