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Grooming spaces

Bathrooms that make getting ready a pleasure

Routines are important – they bring a sense of order and wellbeing to your life. Your bathroom rituals are no different, so it pays to make them the best they can be. Sleek, practical and completely optimised for your space and needs. Choose from Ideal Standard’s extensive range of furniture and fittings, for the perfect blend of style and innovation.

Here are some ideas for improving your bathroom’s performance…

Minimalist, masculine design

Keep the lines of your bathroom sleek and uncluttered with the Strada range. White ceramics are a trend that’s here to stay in 2013 and beyond, bringing a pure, clean feel to any room. Enhance the sense of space with textiles in pale, neutral colours, and finishing touches in chrome and glass.

Keep things tidy

Practical can be stylish too. Opt for storage solutions from the Daylight range for a well-groomed finish, like the concealed, pull-out towel rail. Details like this add a subtle touch of refinement, ensuring your bathroom is as well turned out as you are.

Spacious showering units

Frame-less doors and large, rectangular shower enclosures add a touch of modern opulence to your bathroom. Allowing yourself that bit more space makes for a much more indulgent shower experience. If your bathroom is big enough, think about installing Magnum shower enclosure for the ultimate contemporary shower space.

Space-saving storage

Streamlining your morning routine with a bit of forward thinking, will allow you to create a sense or order and calm. Install an Active/ SoftMood washbasin with cupboard to store the majority of your bathroom essentials. Keep everyday toiletries neat and accessible in a wall-mounted shelves and cabinets.