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Ceramix Blue: water saver with Blue Responsibility

Water is precious. In the 21st century, sustainability is crucial. The time has come for intelligent bathroom products involving less waste, more hygiene, greater water purity and enhanced energy saving.
In the 1960s, Ideal Standard revolutionised water management in the bathroom with the introduction of the Ceramic Disc Cartridge. Ever since we have continued to expand our focus on providing ecologically-minded solutions to guarantee greater efficiency.
"Ideal Standard is dedicated to providing the highest level of environmental sustainability in all our products. For over 40 years, we have been at the forefront of environmentally-friendly innovation. Today, we go further than ever to ensure that all our products perform with as little impact as possible on the Earth’s resources, to protect our planet now and in the future."

Modern design with a sense of history

The Ceramix Blue of 2011 and the original Ceramix from 1969 share a real family resemblance. The soft lines and timeless styling have evolved to give a modern, clean look that feels right at home in today’s interiors. The streamlined form of Ceramix Blue offers timeless simplicity that resonates throughout your bathroom, unifying any space with a range of complementary items to work in perfect harmony.

Click Technology

Ecological and economical, the 40mm Click Cartridge allows you to easily control, monitor and reduce your water consumption. By raising the mixer handle until you hear a “click”, water supply is adjusted to 50%; with just a slight upward push, water supply is adjusted up to 100%.

More intelligent water flow

By reducing the amount of water held in the CeraMix Blue fitting by 80%, there is less water to flush through and reheat. That also means there is 80% less water in the tap to stagnate and allow bacterial growth.
The flow limiter reduces water consumption from 9l to 5l without any loss of flow, as water is mixed with air.

Water efficiency

All Ceramix Blue taps are certified with the highest WELL (Water Efficiency Label) ratings, guaranteeing peace of mind that you’re doing your for both the planet and your pocket. Flow rate and temperature are precisely controlled to ensure not a single drop of water goes to waste.
WELL certification is only awarded according to three guiding principles:
> an immediate, recognisable saving,
> the setting of international standards,
> easily understandable.
A5658AA CeraMix Blue WELL > Class A
A5646AA CeraMix Blue WELL > Class B
A5647AA CeraMix Blue WELL > Class B

IdealPure ®

CeraMix Blue introduces IdealPure®: a unique nickel and lead-free design for basin and kitchen mixers used to draw water for cooking and drinking. It’s the first fitting on the market with nickel-free waterways, anticipating and exceeding new European Drinking Water directives. Water passing through the IdealPure® system never touches chrome-nickel: copper pipes are unplated inside, while water-bearing surfaces are made from plastic.

Cool Body technology

Protect those you love most. No hot spots, no risk of scalding… and complete peace-of-mind. The outside surfaces of the CeraMix Blue fittings* never heat up, keeping little fingers safe… and the grownups relaxed.
*basin, bidet and kitchen mixers.

Versatility and simplicity

Innovative patented Easy-Fix and Top-Fix features mean CeraMix Blue mixers can be fitted quickly and easily, with no risk of leakage, no limescale deposits and easier maintenance.
Installing a fitting from below is fiddly and time-consuming. Our innovative Top Fix solution means you can fit from above, simplifying and speeding up the whole process.
Every plumber knows the timeconsuming and costly problem of centring a mixer into a basin tap-hole. Our Easy-Fix system comes pre-assembled and uses a single stainless steel both to secure and centre the mixer automatically in one swift move.
*Available on selected models. See full product specifications for details.