AquaBlade® : a new era in flush technology

At Ideal Standard we’re continually striving to bring the most beautiful, innovative solutions to our customers, leading the way and setting new standards in bathroom design.

AquaBlade®: The new standard of flush performance

Now, following several years in development, we’re proud to introduce new Ideal Standard AquaBlade® Technology - the most significant development since the invention of the flush toilet. We’re confident that this unique, patented technology will set new standards in design, hygiene and performance. We present our AquaBlade® Technology in collections Tonic II and Dea in Jyly 2015.

The flush performance

AquaBlade® Technology gives a superior flush performance every time.
With no overhanging rim, the water flows from the very top of the bowl rinsing 100% of the area beneath.
The integral channel creates a pressurised cascade of water which flows round the bowl creating two strong jets at the front. These merge to form a powerful plume of water that drives away solid matter effortlessly.

Unrivalled hygiene

AquaBlade® Technology outperforms all existing toilets in terms of hygiene.
AquaBlade® Technology does help washing a larger surface than the traditional toilets do. The AquaBlade® channel is positioned close to the top of the bowl so 100% of the surface area beneath is rinsed clean every time.
AquaBlade® Technology is also more hygienic than leading rimless toilets. With AquaBlade® Technology, the optimised water pressure and the smooth curves of the bowl flush bacteria clean away with no unhygienic splashing.

Easier to clean

AquaBlade® Technology powerfully rinses the whole bowl clean with every flush and its gentle curved shape makes it easy to wipe with minimum effort.

The ultimate combination of style and perfirmance: designed to look beautiful

With simple clean lines and contemporary styling, AquaBlade® Technology has been designed with aesthetics as well as performance in mind. There is no unsightly rim so only the smooth curves of the bowl are visible.

Design is at the heart of everything we do. This means our products are at the foremost edge of design thinkers for both functionality and style.
Mike Heaton, Product Development Manager Ceramics, EMEA, says:
“Our objective was to create a sleek, modern design that outperforms existing toilets on the market. We designed the bowl without the traditional overhanging rim to give a contemporary look and feel. This also reduces unhygienic areas which can harbour bacteria. In terms of the flush performance, we engineered the design to allow the water to wash from the very top of the bowl so that cleaning is optimised. The internal channel reduces turbulence to create an highly efficient, quieter flush with less splashing.”
Mary Cocking, AquaBlade® Trialist, says:
“I really love the simplicity of my new toilet with AquaBlade® Technology particularly the contemporary design.
People who have visited love the toilet and they immediately notice that there is no overhanging rim. The AquaBlade® is a lot more powerful than other toilets and more efficient, yet it is quick and much quieter than other toilets.”